Friday, May 4, 2012

The Reason Why I Love You

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

The reasons why i love you.
yes, you.
jantung hati ;)

1. You trust me. more than anyone else could trust.

2. You might not be a very romantic person. but you're sweet.
and i would love to live with a sweet person for the rest of my life.
being sweet everyday is more than i could ever ask.

3. You talk about your future plan with me. eventhough we didn't
promised anything coz it's Insya-Allah.. we'll work it up.. ;)

4. when i'm being too ego. You know how to deal with it.
sedikit marah actually buat kita sedar,
emosi bukan yang terbaik.

5. You let me know who u really are. the good, the bad.
manusia tak pernah sempurna.
tp saya yakin.. kita boleh saling melengkapi ;)

6. when i'm with you.. all i want to do is smile
n look into You.. much deeper.
and i never bored to do that.
eventhough this year will be our 6th anniversary,
You make me feel like it was just yesterday that
You said the first 'i love you'.

7. You're simply one in a million to me.
don't have a doubt because i'm very certain about that, honey :')

the main reason why i love u.
is because my heart says :
don't let me love another man.
because i give my best to love this person.
Just him.

i love you.
maybe it's not the only thing that matters.
but with loving you, more each and everyday,
i know you've been the only thing that matters.

p/s- sy tahu sy mmg emosi dalam hal2 sebegini ;p